What Is The Defense Base Act?

Many civilian employees of foreign military contractors are insured by the Defense Base Act (DBA). Enacted in 1941, the defense base act is an extension of the longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA).

It was created to provide medical benefits and disability compensation to civilian workers employed on military bases located outside the USA, or providing certain defense services outside the USA. To learn more about defense base act you may go through http://www.overseas-contractors.com/.

defense base act

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Defense Base Act Coverage

Some of the most hazardous jobs that are covered under the particular act include private military contractor, bomb disposal, medic, engineer, truck driver, carpenter, truck driver, consultant, and utility worker. 

The DBA covers civilian workers that are killed or injured while employed as a contractor on a military base, including war zones. The injured worker is entitled to medical treatment by a doctor, and other medical care under the direction of a doctor. 

The defense base act may also provide death benefits to relatives of civilian employees killed at work. Coverage is provided if the injury or death occurs throughout their working hours and possibly also hours they are not functioning.

Defense Base Act Compensation

Compensation under the defense base act can include: 

-Death benefits paid to household members compensation for total disability, and reimbursement for medical treatment,

 -Compensation for loss of earnings because of the result of the injury, long term health expenses, and rehabilitation costs. Permanent death benefits and disability benefits can be given for life.