What Is An Orientation In Hindu Studies?

Hindu studies are the study of Hinduism, its philosophy, scriptures, history, and culture. It encompasses both academic research and the teaching of Hinduism in universities and colleges across the world. Hindu studies also include the study of Indian religions such as Buddhism and Jainism.

A Hindu Studies degree prepares you for careers as a social worker, counselor, teacher, professor, scholar, or researcher. You can even become a practicing Hindu if you're interested in using your expertise in orientation to Hindu studies and mediation. Whether you choose to teach children or adults at home or in the classroom, most jobs require a minimum of an associate's degree. A bachelor's degree is usually required for those who aim to be senior-level teachers or administrators.

Hindu Studies Foundations - Hindu University of America


Many prospective students initially look into Hindu studies after they decide that they want to pursue a career in this field. This can be accomplished through the following recommended steps:

Prepare yourself to learn the basics of Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages on the planet. Through this course, you will understand the roots of Hinduism and will be able to perform basic translations of Hindu texts. 

You can also read other texts such as Mahabharata for more information about Hinduism. Learn about different sects within Hinduism through classes at the University or elsewhere. This will show you how other people use their faith to approach moral and ethical problems. 

Understand how holiness plays out in Hindu traditions through classes taught by a professor who specializes in this area of study. If you plan to become a teacher, your prospective employer needs to know that you have mastered this material.