What do RTE and STE mean?

Train Release Engineer (RTE), is the trainer and manager of Agile Release Train (ART). RTE's main responsibility is to facilitate and support ART processes and events and help the team create value. Many companies provide online courses for RTE. You can also search for the best rte certification via https://prettyagile.com/events/category/safe-release-train-engineer/.

RTE is a communication tool that helps stakeholders communicate with each other, overcome barriers and manage risk. It also leads to continuous improvement. Solution Train (STE), Engineers are Solution Train leaders, trainers, and facilitators of all ART and suppliers involved in Flow Value.

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Agile Release Trains (ART), and Solution Trains are self-organizing and managing teams. Trains do not run on autopilot. This responsibility falls on the RTE. The RTE acts best as a servant leader.

You are familiar with the principles of Agile and Lean scaling and can identify the unique challenges and opportunities associated with the nurturing and continuous alignment of large development programs.

RTE and STE support ART and solution training and implementation. They help to overcome barriers, manage risk and add value.

Many of them also participate in lean-agile transform, training managers, teams, Scrum Masters in new settings and processes. They assist in defining SAFe to meet the requirements of an organization and standardizing and documenting practices.