Want To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

A lot of people are afraid of flying, and it is undoubtedly understandable given that it is an unnatural thing for us, humans, to do normally. Not only that but we put our lives in the hands of the airline companies, pilots, and ground staff of the planes.

All that said, flying is actually the safest form of transport when you look at statistics. It can be hard for those who have great fears of flying to travel. You can also join the fear of flying online courses via www.fearless-flyer.com.

Understanding that the bumping and strange noises are normal

Firstly it is important to understand that just like riding the number 52 bus, planes also make the odd bump and jitter, especially when there is a bit of turbulence. It is also normal to hear different noises as the engines change, or the flaps of the wings are extracted.

Preparing yourself before leaving for the airport

Once you have searched for a flight and are ready to go, being prepared and focusing on yourself is important, but don't lie awake for a week beforehand worrying about it! Don't drink alcohol the night before, nor in the airport before. 

If it is the motion that makes you feel bad, sit in an aisle seat, some people with a fear of flying actually prefer to be seated on a window, if you know you are better on a certain seat, explain to one of the stewardesses that you have a fear of flying and would like to be seated accordingly to where you feel most comfortable.