Tips to Help you Capture Awesome Drone Videos

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Drones have been in the market for long-time helping professionals and enthusiasts capture stunning videos. However, amateur pilots do not understand that it is they who are responsible to capture the footage by using their drones. If you happen to have invested in a drone and wish to capture awesome content, follow these tips.

  1. Watch the Speed – The majority of drones are equipped with sport mode helping the pilot to capture fast-moving subjects. You may be tempted to use this mode however it is best to avoid using this feature. Instead of flying your drone too fast, fly it at a slow speed. This helps you to get those cinematic shots but also avoid battery draining quickly.
  2. Look at the Environment – After reaching the location, do not just start flying. You may be surrounded by trees, structures, walls that play a role in flying the drone. Therefore, make sure you check the environment carefully to avoid accidents.  
  3. Learn Basic Moves – In order to get cinematic shots from your drone, you need to be aware of the moves. There are different mixtures of joystick moves you need to learn to get orbital shots, pan shots etc.
  4. Learn about the Gimbal – Not just the drone movements but you should also be learning about tilting up and down of the gimbal. The gimbal is responsible to keep the footage stable and smooth. Since the gimbal of the drone has 3-axis, you should know about using it correctly. For instance, you can fly the drone backwards and upwards at the same time while tilting your gimbal down.

In Perth, drone services are offered by professional pilots. Consider learning more such tips.