Taking Care and Cleaning Your Cushions

Many materials are used to make cushions for your patio. These are some tips to help you clean and care for your outdoor furniture cushions.

Before you clean your cushions, make sure to check the material. You can find the exact material details by looking at the tag on your cushions. If you are looking for grey striped cushions visit https://ellenvaleinteriors.com/product-category/cushions-throws/.

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You will find information about the material and cleaning instructions on the tag. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Many cushions on the market have protection from sunlight and other elements. Polyesters, vinyl, and PVC are some of the most common materials.

You can cover your cushions with waterproof covers if they aren't waterproof. Water-resistant cushions won't be damaged by rain, but it's a good idea for them to be positioned on their sides to dry quicker.

Outdoor cushions can be damaged by oils and lotions. If you are using oil or lotion on your skin, it is a good idea for cushions to be covered with a towel.

Suntan lotions can stain the fabric and can also cause damage to the PVC coating. It is important to immediately clean cushions if you forget to cover them with a towel or if you get suntan lotion on them.

To preserve your cushions' life expectancy and prevent them from developing bigger problems, it is essential that you regularly clean them. It is a good idea, especially in summer, to spray the cushion with a hose. This will remove dirt and loosen the cushions. Mild dish soap can be used to remove stains from cushions.

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations when cleaning your cushions. If the manufacturer has not specifically advised, don't wash your cushions in the washer.