Best Self Tanner: Your Online Guide

Worry not, even you can flaunt that enviable gorgeous bronze look this season without getting sunburns or without getting those nasty tanning lines. Thanks to technological advancements, nowadays the Gradual Face Tan lotions are available at an affordable rate that promises to render you that perfect tan without any harmful effect of sun exposure.

Agreed, an enviable face tan look can improve your look entirely and the traditional way of getting tanned by over-exposure to the sun is no more recommended. Not just because the whole sunbathing process is time-consuming but also longer and continuous exposure to sun rays can actually lead to severe sunburns and other skin problems.

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Honestly, the harmful ultraviolet rays can do more harm than any good to your skin. This is where the best self-tan lotions are playing their part as an innovative sunless way of getting that celebrity's golden look.

Yes, the markets have been crammed with some of the best sunless tanning lotions. These have been scientifically formulated to render you that ultimate gorgeous look while helping your skin to darken naturally.

The question still prevails – how do the best self-tanner actually work?

Indeed, it is important to comprehend the very basics of how the whole concept of tanning lotion actually works before investing in one. Basically, the human skin is made of two layers, the dermis (inner layer) and the epidermis (outer layer). The outermost layer of the epidermal is known as stratum conium and the best self-tan treatment lotion works on the cells of this particular area.

Okay, the principal ingredient of the tanning lotion is dihydroxyacetone or DHA, which starts reacting with the cells of the outer layer of the epidermis and renders you an enviable tan in just 45 minutes.