How Self Publishing Is Changing And Creating Millionaire Self Published Authors

In the past, it was so hard to become an author. Why?

Because the only kinds of books there used to be were printed books. Not only that, they were printed in prints that were tens of thousand copies per year, meaning that only major publishing companies could afford to print these books.

And with only an estimated one in every fifty thousand manuscripts submitted being published, most authors could only dream about working as a full-time writer.

Then came POD publishing.

This was an amazing breakthrough for independent authors. Books could now be printed on demand. This freed up authors ad it allows you to self publish your book and only prints a copy when it is ordered.

At the time, many people poo-pooed the idea of self-publishing this way and warned that allowing so many authors to publish their own books would lead to a flood of low-quality writing hitting the book store shelves.

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They claimed that the public who read wouldn't ever accept it.

However, they did.

The number of online bookstores were opening up because they don't have to carry books no longer. Through Print on Demand, customers could order books when a buyer made purchases.

Self-publishing was more thrilling.

Then came eBooks, and the latest eBook reading devices. This meant that authors could not only create their own books and publish them entirely electronically via the internet. There were no charges for shipping or packing of books.

If you're an author, I don't have to explain how this changed the entire publishing industry, resulting in certain publishing firms being shut down and hundreds of brick and mortar shops all over the globe closing.