What Is Meant By Pregnancy Massage In Sydney?

You will experience a number of complaints during pregnancy. In addition to persistent pain, the extra weight you carry will also affect your posture. There are also significant changes in hormone levels, which can increase stress.

Pregnancy massage is a relaxing therapy that strengthens your blood circulation, relieves your joints and muscles and revitalizes your body. Pregnancy massage is treated very differently from normal massage. These differences increase during pregnancy. You can easily get the best pregnancy massage in Sydney. 

Your massage therapist will avoid excess pressure on your stomach and uterine ligaments. Depending on the time of your pregnancy, you may be asked to sit or lie on your side. If there is a specific recommendation from your doctor, the therapist will consider this during the massage.

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Here are the main objectives of pregnancy massage:

Reduce swelling

If your uterus becomes heavy during pregnancy, this can cause increased pressure on critical blood vessels and reduce blood flow. This causes swelling, which is also called fluid retention. Pregnancy massage covers the body which activates soft tissue and reduces the risk of swelling.

Balancing hormone levels

Studies show that pregnancy massage regulates hormones associated with anxiety and rest. Thus, this massage technique makes it easier to regulate mood swings, fight depression, and reduce the possibility of low birth weight and other problems at birth.

Eliminating nerve pain in sciatica

Pressure applied to the uterus at the base of the pelvis and lower back causes pain in the sciatic nerve and is transmitted to other muscles. As a result, you may experience swelling and increased pressure on the neighbor's nerves. Pregnancy massage relieves this pain.