Important Information For Applying Partner Visa For Australia

Sable International, Australia's migration expert, explains everything you need to get a partner visa. The Australian partner visa allows individuals who are in a serious and committed relationship with an Australian citizen who is a permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to join their Australian partner. 

There are several subclasses within the Australian partner visa category. The classification of a visa depends on whether it is temporary or permanent and the place where the visa was issued.If you want help regarding partner visa or spouse visa visit Australia Migrate.

partner visa

Applications in the combined category will be evaluated by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Your application will be evaluated against the criteria for temporary and permanent partner visas. Depending on the criteria you meet, you will receive the right visa.

A permanent spouse visa is available to applicants who can demonstrate that they have been married or in a real relationship for at least three years. Temporary partner visas are granted to applicants who have less than three years of proof. They are eligible for a permanent partner visa two years after submitting their first visa application.

A permanent spouse visa is issued once and is valid for five years. As soon as you meet certain residency requirements, you can apply for citizenship.

There are several subclasses of partner visas depending on whether you are applying from overseas or already living in Australia. Only those already in Australia can register for the partner subclasses 820 (Temporary) and 801 (Permanent). You must verify subclass 309 (temporary) and 100 (permanent) for a partner visa if you wish to apply outside Australia.