The Importance of Nonsense Words In Charlotte

We are frequently asked why we use nonsense words with students. Parents and teachers worry that nonsense words will confuse their children and will interfere with learning new words. While we wholeheartedly agree that students should work with real words, we also know that meaningless words play an important role in teaching students to read and write effectively. 

There are many tutors available that also organize nonsense word test online in Charlotte. 

Many young children have excellent memories and can memorize syllables without understanding how the sound of the words relates to their letters. When these students finally learn polysyllabic words that do not contain memorized words, the child is doomed.

If a student gains a solid foundation in the principles of the alphabet (associating sounds with letters) through real and meaningless words, even advanced words will not put him off in the future.

For example, when we ask a student to say the meaningless word "lat", we amplify the sounds /l/, /a/ and /t/. Students who have learned to decode (read) and code (write) with letters will not be put off when they encounter unfamiliar words or with increasing difficulty.

You don't have to memorize big words because they have the decoding tools you need. Later, when exposed to more advanced words, the child will see words such as "latitude" and "bilateral". You'll learn that a root word like "lat" isn't necessarily nonsense – "lat" is a Latin root meaning "earth".