Features That Make Office 365 Unique

Office 365 can be more than just an email application if you choose the appropriate Office 365 subscription package. For business, increasing productivity and collaboration in the organization has become important so that they can make it easy and more efficient for employees to work.

However, many businesses still use the Office 365 Basic Plan, which limits them from using updated features. So, to make sure you understand every feature and get your Office 365 agreement, we have mentioned here some features that make Office 365 unique.

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1. Create a presentation with power

It's time for you to switch from old-fashioned PowerPoint and start using Power to make a presentation. This is a very good feature that even allows you to make bulletins and press releases. With this, users can create regular designer stuff using smart and elegant templates.

2. Plan things with Microsoft Planner

This is another great feature of Office 365 which enables users to control their projects by developing plans, supplementing their team, assigning responsibilities, and then updating the status. Also, you can make many projects with Microsoft Planner at a time and track what happens on each project. This feature is perfect for those who need to maintain their team efficiently and easily.

3. Yammer

Each organization requires one virtual location where all workers can share, speak, and track their respective activities. Yammer works as a virtual location and makes life easier for employees and companies. But, it's more than a virtual location – it's included with several features such as Skype for business, Outlook, and OneDrive for Business.