Custom Infant Urns – Choices for Families

There is no loss more devastating to a family than the loss of a baby. Urns for a young life, summed up, can be very difficult to look at, let alone choose. Your thoughts tend to the many other aspects of the funeral service when you are not grieving the loss of the youngest family member. 

Of course, your child deserves the best you can do to honour their innocence. When it comes to choosing jars for babies, families have many options and can choose the urn that best suits their taste. You can easily buy matching cremation urns, handamde urn sets, large urn & Keepsake set at Pulvis Art Urns.

Baby urn options include countless materials, colours, patterns, and themes. It is up to you and your family to choose the jar that you think is best suited as a memorial to your youth cream.

As you consider your options, keep in mind that you don't need a large urn because the ashes are smaller than the mature ashes. While you can bring a larger container, it's not necessary and a smaller baby jar will hold your child's ashes well.

When choosing an urn for a baby, try to stick to childish or frivolous motifs. The jars are meant to represent the ease that comes with childhood and the innocence your child will have. Motifs with butterflies, birds or flowers make the jars look light and cute and at the same time contain the cream of your loved ones.