Diagnose The Causes of Conflict in the Water Business

If we are to make the techniques of dispute management and co-management more aware, we need tools to diagnose or describe the causes of disagreement in a given situation. The "circle of conflict" is a way of thinking about the causes of conflict, be it interpersonal, internal, collective, social or international. You can now solve every conflict with the help of water rights mediation services.

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The circle identifies five main causes of conflict:-

1. Disagreements are more than dated

2. Problems with people's relationships

3. Activities that are felt or completely inappropriate

4. Difficulty with structural strength

5. The perceived or actual competitive value

Information conflicts arise when people do not have the information they need to make sound decisions, provide incorrect information, disagree to interpret information differently, or use competitive judgment processes. Some data conflicts may not be necessary, e.g. People caused by poor communication between conflicting entities.

Other information conflicts may apply to the extent that the information and procedures used to collect or analyze the information do not match. Romantic conflict in relationships arises from strong bad emotions, misperceptions, stereotypes, poor communication, or repeated negative behavior.

These problems often lead to so-called unrealistic or unnecessary conflicts, because they can arise even in the absence of much more objective disputes, such as limited resources or mutually exclusive goals.

Relationship difficulties often trigger disagreements into an unnecessary spiral of escalating destructive conflict. Conflicts of interest are caused by competition, over perceived need or downright inappropriateness. A conflict of curiosity arises when one party believes that the other's demands must be sacrificed to satisfy their own demands.