What Are Knitting And Assembly Services?

Kitting and assembly is a fulfillment service offered by most third-party logistics (3PL) providers that involves packaging items that arrive as separate pieces into a single grouping in advance of it being ordered by customers.

The need for highly efficient kitting and assembly services may come from the way a product was manufactured or shipped, or an upcoming promotion that requires an offering to be packaged a certain way in bulk.

Kitting is done when your orders require fulfillment center associates to arrange items in a specific order (e.g., multiple component pieces that are separate at inventory arrival and need to be assembled or put together).

Assembly is the actual process of arranging the individual items that make up a kit. Once assembled, the kit is ready to be shipped, so there is less work once the order is placed. Kitting and assembly services are done at stations where fulfillment staff complete the process in bulk to increase efficiencies and streamline the process.

Then, newly created kits are put in their storage spot. Common items used for kitting include product samples, promotional literature, and other groupings of products to create a cohesive unit or set.

The kitting and assembly process is an inventory-related task that takes place in a warehouse or fulfillment center, though some brands have their manufacturer or supplier pre-kit items, which can save time and money.