Mind mapping as a Writiing tool

Various online tools make the writing process easier and more efficient. A powerful education mind map tool helps to outline thoughts and arguments when writing an essay or term paper. 

Before you start writing, create a coherent structure of your arguments, counterarguments, quotes, examples, and sources. Then, refine your map to include only the information important to your arguments. Once you’ve completed your outline, you can start writing with ease.

These visual maps provide a number of benefits to learners:

  • Visual thinking: Your mind map provides insight into your thinking.
  • Filtering of key information: It lets you separate key concepts from fluff.
  • Connections, not just concepts: Notes are just disparate ideas unless they are connected!
  • Scaffolding of knowledge: The breadth and depth of a topic.
  • Big picture and details: Seeing the forest and the trees.
  • Analysis and synthesis: Breaking down information into parts and combining them into a new whole.
  • Individual and collaborative: Learn by yourself or in teams.
  • Flexible: Add information wherever it fits best

For students, knowing how to use mind maps feels a bit like hacking the system. Because once a student learns to create a mind map, they are amazed at how much faster it is to memorize information, write essays, study for exams, and prepare projects or presentations.