For Better Performance, Check Your Fridge Door Gaskets Regularly

The fridge door seal is a flexible seal around the door that prevents outside air from entering the inside of the refrigerator. This is the key function of the commercial refrigerator door gasket

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However, a refrigerator is there to keep the contents cool. If the seal is not held, the warmer outside air will escape, not only will the contents of the refrigerator die faster, but will also make the refrigerator work harder to keep the contents cool.

Most commercially available refrigerator seals are made of PVC and have a magnetic insert that keeps the door closed. They are available in a variety of shapes and are suitable for different refrigerator contours. 

Most of these seals are secured with screws that hold the plastic layer in place to hold it in the refrigerator seal. Most users find that the refrigerator door seal needs to be replaced over time. This is but can be expected, due to wear, tear, or broken seals in various places, especially at the bottom of the door.

In addition, when refrigerator seals become worn, they lose their flexibility and become brittle and tough – a sure sign that the fridge seal now needs to be replaced with a new commercially available refrigerator seal.