Tips for Picking a Safe Mattress for Children

If the mattress is made of poisonous chemical additives, then it can be harmful to your child. You can also checkout for the best mattress for kids.

You should check the material and other details of the mattress like safety data sheets, possible health effects cardiac. Foam mattresses contain more potentially harmful compounds. Mattress makers are needed to satisfy federal flammability regulations so, that they add fire retardant substances which will be quite hazardous. 

A number of the chemicals have recently been prohibited, but are replaced with substances that will be just as poisonous. Considering that the compounds never fully dissipate, mature mattresses are still off-gas although they no longer include the chemical odor.


Here are some tips for Picking a safe mattress for children: 

What the majority of these makers do is replace a rather modest proportion of the memory foam using plant-based ingredients. For example, soy foam is generally polyurethane foam using 12-17 percent genetically-engineered soybean oil blended in. 

These mattresses have mostly polyurethane foam, that can be dangerous and extremely flammable so, that they also require fire retardant substances to follow the flammability laws. Do not be tricked by this green-washing. 

You are still getting a load of poisonous compounds and off-gassing with a lot of those so-called eco-friendly mattresses. So beware of the material mattress contains.