Certified Chinese Translation Services In Your Area

Although the process of obtaining a certified translation is well established, it is complex and difficult for most foreigners to understand. To study, work or do business in China, you must provide documentation to local authorities and institutions during the visa application process. 

What is a certified translation?

A translation is certified when a professional translator, translation company, or specialized organization provides a signed or stamped statement confirming that the translation is a complete and accurate translation of the original document. You can also get more information about certified chinese translator via www.chinesetranslationservices.co.uk/certified-chinese-translation-services.

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This certificate allows the receiving agency to contact the translator if there is any doubt about the authenticity of the documentation. The translator is therefore not only responsible for the correctness of his work, but must also be available to local authorities.

The Chinese translator knows all the specificities of the language and can present it in Chinese-English translation or English-Chinese translation, both traditional and simplified. Our Chinese translators are experienced in translating even the most complex forms of Chinese, including legal, medical, technical, and corporate Chinese documents.

China has longstanding business relationships with the United States and other English-speaking countries, which shows why so many people need Chinese translations. China has a population of 1.5 billion, which makes the Chinese trade market big business.

Translation and Interpreting provide efficient and accurate certified Chinese translation services to courts, hospitals, government agencies, and companies. You also have the option of interviewing one of our translators before the conference to review their experience and qualifications.