Cat Urns – Letting Your Cat Rest In Peace

When the time comes when you learn of the death of your beloved feline friend, now is the time to find a suitable cat urn to house their remains. When most people think of cat jars, they often get the impression that a simple wooden box will be used frequently.

However, more and more cat owners these days are making efforts to store their cat's ashes in a more unique place. If you shop, especially online, you will be surprised at the wide variety of unique cat cremation urns available to purchase.

Varieties of a cat cremation urns

If you really want easy and convenient storage for your beloved cat's ashes, then there is the traditional urn box which is available in three different wood colours and comes with dovetail panels on which you can write the inscription of your choice. There is also the option of placing a very attractive cat figurine on top of the box and there are a number of different cat breeds and colours to choose from, plus you can choose from many different poses for the cat figurine.

Ceramic jars for cats

Ceramic Cat Urns are urns that are made in a specific breed and colour of the cat and, like the Minifigure described above, offer the possibility of posing in different directions, e.g. B. sleep, rest or wake up. Large enough to hold the ashes of your favourite pet, the urn will make an artistic legacy in memory of your deceased feline friend.