Accidents at Construction Sites Happen due to these Reasons

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According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) report of 2012, a total of 4000 people died due to reasons. From this total, the construction industry alone accounts for 19.6% of deaths. In the construction industry, accidents happen which leads to injuries and even deaths in the worst-case scenarios. Let’s understand a few reasons for the accidents that happen at construction sites.

  1. Due to Falling – Falling is one of the reasons that leads to accidents at construction sites. For instance; not looking at the ground can lead to fatal results. Another reason of this type of accident happens due to absence of guardrails.
  2. Due to Getting Struck by Falling Objects – Around 78 construction workers in 2012 died due to various objects hitting the workers at the worksite. With the help of proper training offered to the workers can ensure this problem is avoided since the training teaches the use of using the equipment in a safe manner.
  3. Due to Electrocution – Around 66 construction workers in 2012 died by getting electrocuted. This is a problem that happens at power lines area when the worker fails to observe electric lines.
  4. Due to the Use of Heavy Machines – In the construction industry, heavy machines are used on a daily basis. From bulldozers to excavators to backhoe loader etc, these machines can also be the reason that can lead to accidents and even deaths. Therefore, proper training is absolutely important to be offered to the operator. Moreover, it is also important to make a note of machines that require maintenance to ensure the same machine is avoided for using.

Earthmoving contractors in Brisbane need to avoid these accidents.