How to Blank Press Printing

The press is a process by which the full force of a printing plate is used to exert pressure on the paper, making imprints in the paper's surface as it moves under the plate.

What is a Blank Press?

Blank Pressing is a printing process in which a text or image is "blanketed" over an existing print job. By blanketing the job, you can avoid any halftone dots, lines, or other irregularities that may appear on the printed piece. blanking press  s printing also allows for a more even distribution of ink across the page, resulting in a cleaner and sharper final product.

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What are the benefits of blank press printing?

Blank press printing is perfect for high-quality prints that need to be free of any irregularities. The process also produces prints that are much cleaner and sharper than those printed with other methods, making it ideal for use in publishing or advertising.

How to Print on a Blank Press

Blank printing is a great way to experiment with printmaking and create unique pieces of art. Blank presses are easy to use and allow you to create prints with a wide variety of techniques. 


Blank press printing is a great way to save money on your printing needs. By using blank press printing, you can create high-quality prints without having to pay for the expensive ink and paper used in standard presses. In addition, blank press printers are environmentally friendly since they use minimal amounts of toner and paper waste. If you're interested in learning more about how to blank press print, be sure to check out our guide.