Baby Play Pen For First Time Parent in Singapore

Earlier the playpen was not on the very first list of purchasing kids' stuff because of its price, but as it's an extremely helpful portable nursery for the baby, the playpen's demand has risen these days. 

A playpen can provide an area for infants and their toys. Normally playpen has to be constructed before may be used. Some of the playpens are of 6 panels and some are of the playpens are of 8 panels.

It is suggested to buy an 8-panel playpen so that you could use 8 panels once the room is large and 6 panels once the room is modest. You can also read it here, to know more about the specification of the playpen.


Not every playpen includes a gate. The cheap playpens might not have a doorway in the entry. When you set up the playpens without reading the manual, just place your infant in the surrounding area.

However, a playpen without a doorway also good, if it has a panel clip mechanism that could be taken off and on too easily.


Earlier playpens were made of timber, but today you may find playpens made from plastic and steel. Most of the parents choose a playpen made with steel or plastic,  because of their durability and mobility.

Do not forget to check out the manufacturers' recommendations on age, weight, etc. Assess used playpen and fresh one, but prefer the new one since the current one is going to satisfy the new security requirement.