The Facts About Paint Protection Film

The paint protection film (PPF) is a modern miracle. It is a thin but very durable polymer or polyurethane film which is the best protective layer. Not only does it keep your vehicle's coat clean, protected from chemicals, UV rays, acid rain, and street trash, but it also saves thousands of dollars on car repairs if car paint gets hit by street trash.

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paint protection film

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We also provide you with an instant healing protective film – the most advanced PPF on the market today. We will also explain why it makes sense to apply a professional grade ceramic coating to this PPF to make the best possible protective shield.

If you want to compare PPF to ceramic coating, we have a great article for you to read after reading this article. Modern conformal film coating offers many advantages, including:

1. Resistant to acid corrosion and contaminants (such as intestinal lice and bird droppings)

2. Protects painted surfaces from mineral deposits, acid rain, soft and hard water stains

3. Reduces factory color oxidation caused by UV rays

4. Prevents small stones, gravel, twigs, and other hard objects from hitting the paint surface

5. The protective coating can heal if scratched or exposed

6. Lasts up to 10+ years