Some Advantages Of Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting, or VRI for short, is a video communication service that allows two different parties who do not speak the same language to communicate with each other. In the age of technology, only one VRI device is needed: a smartphone with a camera and an internet connection.

You can also use video remote interpreting to communicate with people who use sign language. A sign language interpreter listens to you and then signs it with someone else. You can then see the other person signing their message through the smartphone camera and then broadcasting their message aloud to you.

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Advantages of VRI

Communication between different groups

The world today is a global village. However, there is almost always a language barrier between people from different parts of the world which can make this trade difficult. VRI removes all language barriers and provides seamless communication between people all over the world.

Convenience and availability

One of the biggest advantages of VRI is that communication is convenient and easily accessible at all times. No matter where you are in the world or what time of day, if you need an interpreter, all you have to do is take out your phone and call VRI.

Subject Matter Knowledge

There may be a scenario where a bilingual speaker is available on-site to provide translation services between two countries that do not speak the same language. This is fine for most coincidental circumstances. However, in more serious situations, additional skills from a certified translator may be required.