Preventing Sexual Harassment: The Benefits of Multiple Training Methods

Subjects were presented with multiple training programs and methods to determine their effect on sensitivity to possible sexual harassment situations. The training methods used were case analyses, commercially produced videotape episodes, and an open-ended questionnaire.

Subjects were found to be more sensitive to incidents of possible sexual harassment when videotape episodes were combined with case analysis. The pattern of gender differences supported previous research showing perceptual differences in ambiguous cases. Research-based suggestions for sexual harassment training programs are offered. Continue reading to learn more about sexual harassment training programs and their importance.

If you are beginning to become sexually assaulted and no one believes you, it is important to keep evidence. Keeping a record with every incident explained in detail will help your case. This will be useful if you have to go to court, as well as providing the police department with the right amount of evidence. No matter what you do, always protect yourself.

 A great way to prevent sexual harassment is to make every employee goes through sexual harassment training. In this way, the employee knows what assault is and what is not. There are times when co-workers do not realize that they crossed boundaries, resulting in an awkward situation. Fortunately, there is a sexual harassment training program that is beautiful. There are programs across the country that are sufficiently effective.