Precautions to take before and during building demolition in Florida

In Florida, Safety is an essential part of demolition and construction sites. It is important to ensure that your site is safe and meets all industry standards. Demolition presents many of the same dangers as other types of construction work. There are many unknown hazards involved in demolition, including deviations from the structure's original design, unapproved modifications to the original design, hidden materials in structural members, unknown strengths and weaknesses, or damaged materials.

Demolition zone can lead to the collapse of structures, which can prove extremely dangerous. To ensure safety, there are a few things you can do to make demolition safe. You can also contact us if you are looking for any demolition services.

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These precautions should be taken before and during demolition:

  • In Florida, as per AS2601-2001, "The Demolition Of Structures", precautions should be taken before and during demolition.
  • After all precautionary measures have been approved and inspected, demolition cannot be started. It is recommended to notify neighbors about the demolition in advance so they can close windows or take other precautionary measures.
  • All electric cables and apparatus that are not used in demolition work must be removed before demolition can begin.
  • During demolition progress, the work must be monitored by the demolisher and an experienced foreman.
  • Dust-producing material should not be thrown away or dropped from a building unless it is thoroughly dampened. Instead, hoisting apparatus must be used to lower the material or material chutes.
  • When necessary, protective outriggers should be installed to protect property and life from danger.
  • The Building Surveyor must be notified that the work is complete after it has been completed.