Know Your Lashes: Know Your Options

With so many eyelash care options emerging in the beauty industry, it's hard to tell the difference. But a good understanding ensures that you can optimally advise your customers and increase your sales of treatments.

The main type of eyelashes are:

  • Classic eyelash extensions
  • Thick Russian eyelash extension
  • Hybrid eyelashes
  • Lift and color lashes

Classic Eyelash Extensions:

Most clients already know this – simply put, you will apply false eyelashes to natural lashes to lengthen lashes and give them more definition. You can also buy classic eyelash extensions online via

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions:

Many customers mistake the effect for a ribbon or even a classic. You will apply anything from 2-6 false lashes to one natural lash, which is applied by lifting it to form an eyelash fan. Give natural lashes more volume (thickness) and length for a more dramatic lash look.

Hybrid Eyelashes:

How to combine classic and Russian volume techniques for a dramatic yet textured and defined lash look. You create the outline for natural eyelash extensions using the classic technique of individual extensions every 3-4 natural lashes along the lash line. Then dab a fan of Russian Volume Lashes between each lash to add volume.

Lift And Color The Eyelashes:

Only works on natural lashes without using artificial lashes. One way to lift and open the eye area is by smoothing and lifting natural eyelashes to make their natural length bigger. The tint darkens the lashes from root to tip, which further enhances the appearance of the lash length.

There are many institutes that offer you training opportunities on all of these much sought-after eyelash treatments, from accredited one-day quick courses to accredited online courses that allow you to learn online at your own pace from home.