How to start your own digital marketing strategy audit

Digital marketing is an ever-growing field with new strategies being created all the time. As a business owner, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes and make sure that your marketing strategy is still effective. That's where a digital strategy audit comes in.

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A digital strategy audit is a tool that can help you identify how well your current digital marketing strategy is working and what needs to be changed. The audit will also help you identify any gaps in your strategy, which will allow you to make the most effective investments in your marketing efforts.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when conducting a digital strategy audit:

1. Start with an assessment of your current website and online presence. This includes looking at your website's design, copy, branding, and overall look and feel. Are you targeting the right audience? Are you ranking high on search engines? Do your pages load quickly? All of these factors will play into how successful your online presence is.

2. Review your online advertising campaigns. Are they reaching their target audience? Are they delivering the desired message? Is the budget being used effectively? A review of your online advertising campaigns should be part of the digital strategy audit.

3. Take a look at your current Web and search engine marketing programs and evaluate how effective they are. Are you spending the right amount on each campaign? Do you know what keywords, demographics, and other factors are driving traffic to your site?

4. Determining who's responsible for managing your online presence is critical. Find out who is working in your company to determine where issues may exist or who can take on more responsibility for general management of all aspects of the website.