How to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Interview

In today's increasingly difficult job market you will find some small things which you may perform to stand out from the audience and maximize your likelihood of receiving an interview. All these are beyond the basics, which means you should have a resume at your fingertips and be prepared to interview. 

Establish Your Focus

Goal number 1 is to have the interview! To improve your chances of finding the interview do what you can to stand out. This will not mean apparel yourself in carnival-style clothing or wear a large hat, just think of what the different prospective employees might not be doing. To learn about different techniques of preparing for an interview you can navigate to

get an interview

Make the Most of The Cover Letter

A good deal of people prefers never to possess a cover letter. For me personally, it is annoying to write, but this really can be a completely free chance to tell the employer that you're very different. For optimum effectiveness decide to try and locate the manager of hiring and address it to this individual. 

Begin the letter with something eye-catching such as: "Immediately Available: Experienced Revenue Manager That Gets Results!" This is not at all something which must be written legally so just do it and do what you feel gets the most attention. For instance, you might center and bold it near the top of the page before your official letter.

Don't forget the postscript! Statistics reveal that the P.S. is your most read section of letters. Even if someone skims a letter they're likely to learn the postscript. It's almost like a secret message which our eyes have been drawn to. You could say in your P.S. that the organization you're employing to work to get is at the very top of your list and encourage them to call you at their earliest convenience.