How to Get the Best Pre-Purchase Used Vehicle Inspection

The vehicle inspection is an important part of buying a used car. You've made a decision about the type of truck or car that you want. It has been tested and you are satisfied with it. You've visited the private seller or dealer and agreed on a price. You have signed the papers and are now free to drive the car away. Wrong!

It is crucial to make sure that the vehicle passes a mechanic's inspection before you purchase it. The inspection is about $100 and it is definitely worth the money. It is more than just a safety inspection or emissions test. The inspection covers the entire mechanical and electrical systems. If you miss the inspection, you'll be responsible for any major repairs. Some firms such as Carantee can help you in getting certified vehicle inspection.

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You won't often see a description for a vehicle in a classified specification stating that it needs work or that the transmission is going to fail after a month. Many people hide these details to sell their vehicles. You will have to pay for repairs unless the vehicle is a Certified Preowned Vehicle. The inspection can help you identify if the vehicle is a lemon or a peach.

Proper car maintenance is the best way for your vehicle to last as long as possible. Ask the seller about service records and maintenance records. You can see if the seller took care of the car or if it was neglected. Ask the seller to provide receipts for oil changes and tire rotations. Be wary if this information is not included with the sale. Ask the seller whether the vehicle has been emissions tested and if records are available.

A safety inspection must be performed every time a vehicle is sold or transferred. Ask the seller for safety records. Keep in mind that maintenance can include common wear and tear such as brake pads and rotors. If the seller has recorded and you can see them, don't be afraid – these things are not uncommon.

Do not sell the vehicle if the seller, private or dealer, refuses to let you inspect it before purchasing. You can walk away or drive away…fast. You should inspect the vehicle before you buy it.