How to Cook With Himalayan Salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is a type of crystal salt that comes from deposits in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is one of the saltiest forms of salt known to mankind and is prized for its purity, delectable flavor, and many medical applications. Himalayan pink salt contains trace minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, sodium, strontium, zinc and sulfur that contribute to its healing properties.

Himalayan salt is coarse salt mined mainly from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The salt, which at times has a reddish-brown tint due to traces of iron and other minerals, is mostly employed as a cooking salt for preparing food but also is used for decorating pots, pans, figurines, lamps, shower doors, bathtubs and even cosmetic spa products. The trace minerals found in it are important dietary elements and are said to assist with blood circulation, digestion and the utilization of calcium, magnesium, iron and sodium. The salt is considered by many to be more important than table salt because it is obtained from pure mountain springs that are hardly touched by any man or animal and is therefore highly recommended as a healthy alternative to regular table salt.

The Himalayan pink salt mines are situated in the valleys of the Indian Himalayas. These mountains are steep and remote, covered largely with snow, and therefore water supply is very difficult. Fresh water is easily contaminated as it passes through villages and towns. The mining of this mineral is therefore necessary to keep the water clean for human consumption and agriculture.

This natural sea salt has many healing qualities. It helps with blood circulation, improves digestion and absorption of minerals and helps alleviate symptoms of asthma and allergies. It is known to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Many ancient civilizations attributed the flavor of their beverages to minerals and salts found in the water. Today, many restaurants and health food stores around the world use this salty treat as a flavor supplement or in the form of Himalayan pink salt.

Himalayan Pink Himalayan salt is also used as a natural body scrub for detoxifying the body and relieving aches and pains of various conditions. It cleanses the body of pollutants, impurities, and buildup of toxins. It relieves rheumatic arthritis, varicose veins, gout and other inflammatory conditions. It is believed that it speeds the healing process by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Himalayan pink salt contains healthy trace minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. It also contains trace amounts of copper, phosphorus and iodine. Although these trace minerals may not be adequate to meet your daily nutritional requirements, you can enjoy these benefits when you take small quantities of Himalayan pink salt on a regular basis. Usually, experts recommend taking between two and six grams of this salt per day. If you have a strong craving for salty foods, you can take up to one tablespoon of this salt in small quantities.

Himalayan pink salt has been shown to boost the immune system and helps improve metabolism. It is believed to increase blood flow to the heart, enhances cardiovascular efficiency, minimizes blood clots and cholesterol buildup and helps reduce stress and anxiety. It is especially effective in fighting heart ailments, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis and certain types of cancer. Because it contains around 30 trace minerals, it has been used for thousands of years as a medicine. Its effectiveness as a natural remedy makes it a worthy addition to your household kitchen pantry.

Himalayan pink salt comes in different forms. It can be dissolved in water or you can place it onto dry ice and use a microwave to heat it. Another way to prepare it is by sprinkling it on your meals or other dishes. You can even sprinkle it on your breads, cookies and cereals. Since it is made of a highly refined grade of sodium, it is highly recommended that Himalayan salt should only be used in small quantities or in salt shakers only for special occasions.