How to Choose the Right Paper

Choosing the right quality paper for your project can be a frightening task. The paper has many properties that must be considered, and new sheets of paper continue to be introduced. To help you with this complex solution, we have compiled a list of ten most important tips for making your choices easier. You can also find the best natural papers  through the internet.

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Tips for choosing the right papers:

Color and brightness

There are white, white and white. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The electrical and white rash, balanced white, natural white, soft white – that's all.

Blue and white, which is very popular today, has a higher brightness and makes the color stand out, while warmer white skin, which is lower brightness, is easier to read or in the eyes longer.


Yes, there are some publicity in terms of brightness. Don't bother looking for the lightest paper, because even if two sheets of paper are placed side by side, you will not see the difference between two brightness point

Good quality, bright colored sheets are usually more expensive to produce. Fillers and chemicals such as fluorescent dyes are needed to make paper look radiant. Even though they gave blue and white paper, they also influenced the stability of paper and its abilities.