How to Build a Marijuana Grow House

Controlling the cannabis growing environment starts with structure. A state-of-the-art cannabis greenhouse can be a large operation built in a converted warehouse or a specially designed steel building containing a variety of grow rooms and support areas.

This large greenhouse has a special room that houses the mother plant, as well as branches for development. The greenhouse can support hundreds of plants on automatic shelves and trays as they grow in size. Also, you can automate your marijuana grow room software via

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Once the optimal size is reached, the plants are cut and hung to dry in a micro-controlled room in heat and humidity. Commercial companies have additional operating clean rooms where the buds are cut, weighed, and packaged.

Outside of the production facilities, the larger cannabis plants have separate mechanical facilities. Here, a large-scale air conditioning system pumps air into the growth chamber, which is injected with carbon dioxide – which is essential for plant health.

Large tanks of nutrient-enriched water are fed through a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled irrigation system to drip the right amount of hydrogen to each plant at the right time.

The lighting in the breeding room is switched on and off by a timer in the control center. Air is filtered through an air duct recycling system which keeps the pungent odor of flowering plants under control and reduces the risk of outside penetration by mold, spores, pollen, pests, pathogens, and disease.

Dust and dirt are the enemies of prisons and this is constantly being reduced by disinfecting not only the room but the entire facility.
And of course, there is security. All legal cannabis homes are regulated in such a way that they have some sort of security in place to prevent internal theft and reduce external threats.

Security measures can be as simple as locks, alarms, and video cameras, to integrated, computerized security management systems that require biometric data to check for vulnerabilities and maintain video surveillance on large servers for several years.

The reality of the cannabis growing world is that most potted plant growers operate on a micro-scale, which is not a structure of thousands of square feet or hundreds of employees.