How Orangeries Can Be Beneficial For You?

As glass-making technology improved during the 17th and 19th centuries, larger quantities of glass could be produced. This allowed wider use of glass-based structures, and the orangery was born. The first orangeries were built in the grounds of upper-class homes. 

They were similar to our conservatories of today. The modern designed orangery extension (also known as modern ontworpen oranjerie-uitbreiding in the Dutch language) is used to help exotic plants survive in the cold winter months. Orangeries today have been adapted for today's modern lifestyle.

Orangeries are far more adaptable in design and appearance. Orangeries tend to be a more consistent temperature all year round, allowing your orangery to be a far more usable room than a conservatory. This allows for more practical uses, for example, kitchen, living room, and dining room extensions. 

By adding a more attractive room to your home at a fraction of the price of adding a normal house extension, you can increase space in your home in an extremely cost-effective way eliminating the need to move house altogether, while adding value to your existing home at the same time.

The design of an orangery can be the focal point of the home, designs vary from traditional designs through to contemporary.