Guidelines To Find Creative Games For Dementia or Alzheimer Patients

Many elderly residents in home care with dementia or Alzheimer's disease can restrict the kinds of activities they can engage in and also cause them to be unable to take pleasure in the activities they used to enjoy. 

Caregivers need to be able to plan and arrange creative games for dementia patients to keep their loved ones physically and mentally active, which is crucial for overall health of patients with dementia. 

games for people with dementia

There are many options for caregivers to design engaging and enjoyable games. Here are some basic guidelines that caregivers can follow to design activities that promote your patient's health.

1. Take into consideration the activities the patient had fun before their health started to decline, like gardening or playing sports or playing games. Depending on their level of dementia, these activities might need to be streamlined, but engaging in something meaningful rather than simply passing time is greater likelihood to impact the patient.

2. Set up routines and activities that allow the patient to feel productive and useful; help with house chores, such as folding laundry or cooking can be very satisfying.

3. Physical activity is crucial to the well-being of the patient. Even walking through the neighborhood or performing stretching exercises can provide numerous advantages. Physical exercise can also reduce boredom or the agitation that may be experienced by dementia sufferers and may be a thing they are looking forward to.

There are numerous support groups that are available to caregivers for guidance or suggestions for taking care of the elderly.