Go Green By Buying Personalised Eco Bags

There is great emphasis these days on recycling and helping to make the earth greener. More and more families are getting on board with this in day to day life and this has also extended to their choice of party bags for the children's parties.

Parents are now looking for eco-friendly bags that can be recycled instead of disposed of and there are many different options available such as:

Paper Party Bags

There are many types of paper bags that can be used. Plain paper bags and kraft style bags with twisted handles are the most popular choice, as they come in so many different colours. Many sites like 321eco.co.uk/product/promo-paper-bags-personalised also provide personalised eco bags.

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They are great to use and you can add your own design to them such as personalising them, or getting the party guests to decorate their own bag at the party as an activity. Paper bags can be recycled too, so they are very eco-friendly.

Fabric Bags

There are many styles around that can be purchased that are made out of 100% cotton and they usually come in a tote bag style or a drawstring style. Fabric bags are great as they can be used for a long time after the party and most can be machine washed as well.

Natural cotton bags are ideal if you wish to personalise each bag with fabric pens, or you can buy printed and personalised bags online. If you are a dab hand at sewing you can try and make them up yourself. Lots of different design fabrics can be used, not just plain cotton.