Dental Crowns: Understanding The Placement Of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are considered cosmetic dental care. They are usually used to defend weak teeth from further harm. For example, a cracked or broken tooth can damage even more without the support of a dental crown. In the case of cosmetic surgery, dental crowns can be used to hide the presence of discolored and deformed teeth. 

To be honest, your smile is the first thing people notice. That's why you want your smile needs to be beautiful. Placement of the dental cap in Weston usually involves more than a professional. A prosthodontist will make a crown for you and an oral surgeon will place it.


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Before getting a dental crown, you need to know who is a good candidate and who is not. If you have periodontal disease, crowns are not the answer. The crown does not stop the spread of periodontal disease. Getting a crown is not recommended if you are undergoing radiation therapy to the head or neck area. Make sure you do a complete dental exam so the dentist can determine if the placement of the crown is right for you.

The crown covers the teeth down to the gum line. If the gums come off, you may see a tooth or some of the teeth underneath. Dental crowns are shaped like teeth and can be designed to meet the color of the original teeth to make them seem more natural. This dental process usually takes at least seven years. However, over time, dental crowns can become damaged, which means you will have to go back to the dentist to get them fixed or have them repaired. Therefore, fitting a dental crown is expensive.