Defense Base Act Injuries

The defense base act is a national employees compensation system. It gives security to contractors and subcontractors working abroad on a United States army base or operating under a United States government contract. 

Who's Covered Under the Defense Base Act?

The defense base act doesn't discriminate based on nationality or occupation name. In the event the injured employee qualifies as a DBA contractor, then they're eligible for benefits. Regardless of where they're from. Regardless of what occupation they performed.

defense base act

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What Types of Injuries Create Defense Base Act Claims?

The military admits that it couldn't conduct its operations without using contractors. The simple fact of the matter is that army contractors perform hard work in hazardous locales. Numerous accidents could lead to DBA function, such as:

-Amputations and Arm Injuries

-Asbestosis and Asthma

-Back Injuries and Breathing Issues

Hire a Lawyer to represent 

Contact the lawyer now for assistance submitting your defense base act claim. You need to understand what types to use, what rights and remedies exist for you, and also how to litigate a claim before an administrative law judge.

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