Comparing Natural And Synthetic Sources Of Betaine

Betaine, naturally occurring in your body, is a versatile substance. It serves many functions. Eating foods high in betaine can support your body’s natural production. Beets are high in betaine. You will get more betaine from beets than from synthetically manufactured betaine. 

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natural and synthetic betaine

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Beetroot juice can be beneficial in lowering blood pressure and helping with cardiovascular disease. Your blood pressure will drop within an hour if 500ml of beet juice is consumed. It will decrease over the next few hours and remain lower for 24 hours.

You can also get betaine from spinach, eggs, vegetables, pasta, rice, cereals and regular beets. Red wines often contain small amounts of betaine, as beet sugar is used to increase the alcohol content. 

There are some foods that naturally contain high levels of betaine

  • Dark rye flour, and other whole grains flour
  • Pasta, especially whole grain or vegetable-based
  • Quinoa, whole grains, and cereals
  • Beets, Spinach, and other vegetables – can be prepared raw, canned or cooked.

These are just some of the natural options that can help your body’s betaine needs. However, with today’s hectic world, it is difficult to make time for healthy eating. If you are under a lot of stress, your body may not be producing enough betaine to keep up. You can purchase betaine anhydrous or betaine hydrochloride(HCL) in handy powder form. These can be mixed with liquids and food.