Choosing a Swimming Pool Enclosure

One of the biggest issues that a lot of owners of swimming pools with outdoor access are faced with is not being able to enjoy their pool during the entire twelve days of each year. People living in a mild four-season climate will notice that the fall (Fall), as well as wintertime, are often too cold to swim in even in heated pools.

There are many different types of swimming pool enclosures available. A swimming pool enclosure provides protection from the outside environment, as well as a way to control outdoor air quality.

Here are some options for choosing a Swimming Pool Enclosure

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1– A interim inflatable cover that is installed and then taken down each time the pool is being used. This kind of cover generally a bubble or a dome is anchored around the area around the pool and is then inflated.

2–  Screen Pool Enclosures covers are the most common type of pool enclosure.

Screen structures that provide a barrier around your pool area are standard pool enclosures. They're most popular in Florida and help keep bugs, alligators, and trash out of your pool and pool deck. 

3– Another option is a telescopic enclosed. These enclosures are usually made of steel that is framed by polythene or safety glass (like the plastic tunnel) and slides across the pool to provide protection as well as plenty of lighting.