Are House Signs Really That Important?

As with most things in daily life, we take house signs as a given and seldom give them thought. In a strange way, we notice house signs only when they aren't there. You've probably all been there. 

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As you drive down the street looking for an address, your eyes are on the road. But many houses don't have one. It becomes more frustrating and you eventually stop at a few doors to ask if anyone knows where the address is.

It's annoying for most homeowners who do not have a number displayed on their property. But think about how frustrating it must be to respond to life-threatening situations by members of the fire and police departments. 

Satellite navigation is a great tool for getting them to the right place quickly, but it can be frustrating to drive up and down streets trying to find the right location.

Clearly displayed signs are more important in rural areas because sat-navs can't always provide accurate directions. Rural residents may believe that it is unnecessary to display the name or number of their home since everyone knows where they are. 

They don't realize that emergency services are more centralized than ever. The people who respond to their calls for help may not know the area well and might be directed by someone at a control center that is located miles away in another county.

No matter where you live, any sign on a house is better than none. It's common sense to have your house number or name displayed so that anyone can easily see it from any direction. Encourage your neighbors to do the same.