All About Removing Lower Eye Bags

A very common question that cosmetic surgeons always ask is how to get rid of the puffy bags under the eyes that they unfortunately have. This is a common problem because the eyes are basically the focal point of your face and the bags under the eyes that are right under the eyes make you sluggish and less aesthetically pleasing.

The patient will be operated on to remove the bags under the eyes, which is also known as lower blepharoplasty or eyelid depletion surgery. Fat under the eye socket is usually removed to prevent the appearance of bags under the eyes. However, this is not always the most likely option.

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These pockets are actually fat pads that everybody has. The fat that has accumulated there doesn't actually increase in number. Indeed, due to the weakening of the ligaments that hold fat, coupled with the loss of muscle and bone in the same area, bags under the eyes develop.

The removal of clean grease from such an area must be carried out accurately. Some plastic surgeons remove too much fat, which means the eyelids can actually appear sunken after surgery. To prevent this from happening, surgeons usually try to reposition the fat instead of removing it completely from the eyelid.

The surgeon can then use the patient's body fat to replenish the volume lost around the eye area. The fat that is injected is cleaned and refined first. They will then be injected in small amounts around the cheekbones, which will reduce the appearance of puffiness around or under the eyes. This will make your eyes look fresher so you can look younger and better. Blepharoplasty is a long-term solution to getting rid of your pockets.