All About Global Home Accessories and Decor

The global decor was all the rage. Then it became taboo. Now, global home decor is back and better than ever. The internet has allowed people from all over the world to bring their culture front and center. 

This movement has trickled into home accessories and decor and now, global decor isn't just about Asian or Indian influences. 

Global decor can include home accessories from just about anywhere: South America, Australia, Europe, and beyond.

The Global Home Decor and  What to Look For

Following a trend is one thing, but with global home decor, you can easily become your own trendsetter. You can find the best framed wall art in Australia online via



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Perhaps you've got a far-off place you've always wanted to visit, such as Australia. Instead of following the main trend of global decor (which tends to be more of an oriental influence) why not follow a more Australian influence instead?

For example, you could use prints of Aborigine drawings or a collection of framed boomerangs as your wall art. 

You can mix and match these with South American fabric prints for your furniture, such as ikat prints, which will blend well into an Australian-based global home decor theme.

The world is a vast place, so don't feel limited by the typical Oriental global decor.